Pentax 1 (cyclopentanone / furanone), Monoterpenoid 1.1, Methyl anthranilate

Sean Raspet

Pentax 1 (cyclopentanone / furanone) (2017)

Monoterpenoid 1.1 (2017)

Methyl anthranilate (2016)

Sean Raspet (Washington D.C., 1981), lives and works in New York and San Francisco. While continuing his artistic studies, Raspet enrolled in a chemistry course at UCLA, becoming a more or less self-trained scientist that works with molecular structures to reconstruct substances and materials, create experimental flavors, meal replacement drinks and draw parallels between different systems that structure reality, such as the financial or the chemistry. In a revision of the modernist project of medium specificity, Raspet turns to taste and smell considering them the most appropriate senses in order to fully apprehend forms.